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We closed our equity crowdfunding campaign, raising 1 milion euros.

In February 2021 we launched our first equity crowdfunding campaign on the Opstart portal that ended on April 20th, 2021.
With this campaign we decided to invest in MarTech, developing the digital products of Enginius Srl, a company operating in the field of AI, Big Data and Augmented reality.
Likewise we have done with Renergetica, we’ll operate as majority shareholders with the aim of successfully retracing the same company growth.

Acquired company

Enginius is an IT and digital consulting company that operates in the field of Big Data, developing scalable Management platforms, a web traffic conversion model, a platform for buying and selling TV spots, and an IoT solution in the smart lighting market.

Redelfi and Enginius

We decided to invest in Enginius because it’s a dynamic reality, composed by an expert team, skilled in technologies and innovation, able to anticipate market trends and develop cutting-edge products.

We’ll accelerate the Enginius business and support the Research and Development activities of different products including Lumiere, an innovative platform, ideal for brand position and products within live and on-demand video.
Thanks to Augmented Reality elements and fully integrated “deep fake” technology it will be possible to enjoy video content with diversified advertising products on custom audiences, naturally harmonized within the context.