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Investing in ideas and people: the heart of Redelfi

We are an investment company operating in the Green Energy, FinTech, Circular economy, New Technology and Real Estate sectors, and we aim to enhance the ideas and projects of companies.

Our goal is to go public on the stock exchange within the next 3 years.

How do we do it?

We invest in minority shares of Italian and foreign companies with high growth potential, with the aim of accompanying them until listing, and we manage risk by diversifying the investee companies both in number and in life stages.

Our strenght is a team with different skills, capable of identifying scalable business models and capable of managing the life cycle of a company, from birth to listing on national and international markets.

The first success story of Redelfi

Our first investee is Renergetica S.p.a., a company that was born in 2008 and operates in the Green sector as a developer of large renewable energy plants (utility scales) in Italy, USA, Chile and Colombia. With great satisfaction of the whole Redelfi team, on 9 August 2018, Renergetica successfully listed on the AIM market in Milan.

Renergetica’s listing process has enabled Redelfi to gain experience in this process and to understand the best methods for developing a virtuous path for achieving important corporate objectives.

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In addition to participation in Renergetica, our company today invests in various projects and has participations in different sectors:

Fast Delivery

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Gold Mine

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Digital Marketing

Redelfi investe nel digital marketing

Our future. Redelfi's mission.

Our mission is to invest in startups and SMEs by supporting entrepreneurs through financial support, diversified skills and the consolidated international network to face the most delicate moments of corporate life by accompanying small businesses towards their goals.
Strengthened by our first successful case with Renergetica S.p.A. we anticipate our growth with:

a crowdfunding collection campaign,

the listing on the stock exchange within 3 years.

Strategic ability, our team united with diversified skills, and our international network are a fundamental mix for rapidly growing your company’s business up to the exit operation.

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If you are part of an innovative startup or an SME, fill in the form with your data and send us your request, you will be contacted as soon as possible.

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