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How digitization processes help companies during the Covid-19 pandemic

By 10 April 2020March 6th, 2024No Comments

The emergency of Covid-19 or Corona Virus is increasingly widespread in Europe and in the world and for almost a month many countries have been in total lockdown. Actually at the end of March there are approximately 3 billion people in isolation and we probably have to wait for the summer to bring our lives back “almost to normal”.
The restrictive measures have radically changed not only our habits, but have also revolutionized the working world: bars, restaurants, non-essential activities will remain closed until at least April 13th.

What is happening to the economy of our country?

Unlike many European countries, Italy bases its economy on SMEs and startups located throughout the country, with a small percentage of large companies and multinationals located mainly in northern Italy. In this very particular, almost unique context, all entrepreneurs have to reinvent themselves and their companies in order to be able to carry on the company’s activities and continue production.

We often hear about companies that have adopted AGILE work models or smart working, for example, schools and universities started lecturing and sharing materials on Skype or other digital platforms, banks and post offices left minimun services at open counters while all consultancy activities have been addressed on digital channels.

How have companies adapted to this new pandemic and people’s new lifestyle?

For some years now, we have been talking about the process of computer digitalization, digital innovation and smart sharing of documents and resources to facilitate companies and professionals to remain hyper-connected and to be able to work anywhere. Starting in 2016, the European Union has allocated funds for innovative SMEs and startups to implement Industry 4.0 innovations. The transformation process is not simple, on the one hand there are entrepreneurs with a traditional mentality, on the other, there are slow connections or tools that are not very effective or little known. We at Redelfi have always worked following an AGILE model, using tools and platforms that allow us to share information and materials with our entire national and international network. We work with the most popular cloud tools and experiment with new ones to discover not only new applications on the market but also to find the potential of innovative companies to invest in. We share our model with the innovative companies, startups and SMEs we participate in, and today, with the pandemic, we are happy to be able to work serenely in compliance with the rules and guaranteeing safety for all our collaborators and employees. We believe that this moment of “pause” can be useful to start and consolidate the digitization processes at various levels and strengthen daily activities.

If you are interested and want to know more about our working models, read what we do or contact us and we will give you all the advice to be able to start your digitalization process and to continue doing business without obstacles.