San Luca Immobiliare

San Luca Immobiliare

The first company in Genoa (Liguria) that deals with the sale and renovation of properties.

San Luca Immobiliare S.r.l. is located in Genoa, the company deals with the sale and renovation of properties. The director is Luca Sarritzu and the company from 2019 is owned by Redelfi S.r.l. with 40% of the shares.

The point of strength of San Luca Immobiliare is the team composed by surveyors, renderers, architects, property developers.

Genoa and Liguria have a unique rural and social context unique in the world: the houses have a large entrance and “Genoese floors” with colorful mosaics, the rooms develops vertically due to the scarce space offered by the territory, the facades of the buildings are richly decorated with fake windows or “poggioli” (a dialectal expression indicating the typical Ligurian balconies).
San Luca Immobiliare team, passionate about Genoese architecture and design, always finds new spaces and elements to offer to the potential buyer and manages to combine elements of modernity with the classic style.

Professionalism, innovation and creativity in management and renovation of apartments, houses and properties of San Luca Immobiliare were the levers that gave birth to the synergy and cooperation with Redelfi S.r.l.

Crowdfunding and innovation

San Luca Immobiliare, thanks to Redelfi’s business and management model, began a process of modernization and digital innovation, launching the first lending collection campaign on HOUSERS on 3 March to renovate an apartment in the historic center of Genoa by mixing elements innovative home automation and elegant and modern elements.
The company accepted this new challenging goal and successfully closed the first GPA Genoa Porto Antico project on 3 April at a time of economic and social complexity.
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