Our Strategy

Our business model for companies. Here's how we do it.

Do you want to bring out your startup or SME after the first years of life? Redelfi invests in companies providing capital and skills to grow the business on national and international markets.

We are a diversified team, we dedicate time and resources to startups and innovative SMEs, we have a consolidated approach and method that has already made our subsidiary Renergetica S.p.A. positioned on the stock exchange and we launch entrepreneurial initiatives with high potential to develop and consolidate your business.

How we work:

  • analyzing markets;
  • evaluation business plans and budgets;
  • setting step by step strategies;
  • monitoring the scalability of the sector;
  • making brand awareness and positioning on international markets;
  • closing with exit operations.
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What do we do?


Companies, especially startups, must invest by focusing resources by making economic choices in order to avoid dispersing them. Our intervention allows both to help make choices and to “simplify the choice” by bringing in capital.


Nowadays the diffusion of ideas and changes are always faster and often a small company is unable to follow the evolution of the markets. Redelfi supports startups and SMEs with targeted and consolidated strategies.


Our previous experiences allow us to create an international network and acquire know how in the sector. The real experience found with the Renergetica listing is proof of our knowledge of the processes governing access to the capital market.

Redelfi follows the digital transformation and Industry 4.0

During the last years we followed the evolution of the Industry 4.0 and transformed our model becoming a hyper-connected company that aims to automate and accelerate its own business and those of the participated companies using data management in real time.

Our agile method through the use of modern cloud platform technologies, Real Time File Co-Editing, smart working and work flexibility allowed us to:

being innovative,
making quick choices thanks to the interconnection with the international network,
giving security and satisfaction to our employees, collaborators and partners.

Among our activities we invest in companies that have started the transformation process or that want to innovate but do not have the skills or abilities to digitalize themselves.

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