ESG criteria of Redelfi

Perseguiamo i criteri ESG e SRI di sostenibilità

We are an “ESG management company” because we are an industrial group that follows the ESG guidelines of environmental, social and governance responsibility and the ideals of sustainable and responsible investment, or SRI. Our three business units manage companies that operate following these principles.

Il Green e l'Environmental sono centrali per Redelfi

What does “environmental” mean to us?

We were among the first in Italy to believe in the environmental and green movements and since 2008 we have worked in the renewable energy industry, participating in the creation of a sustainable and innovative market by recognizing and valuing the importance of solar, wind and hydroelectric energy sources. Having gained experience in Italy we took our know-how to South and North America to develop clean and sustainable energy.

After April 2021, a date that marked our withdrawal from Renergetica S.p.A., we consolidated our Green business unit by adding companies that operate in the green energy sector.

Thanks to our management’s consolidated track record, our experiences in Italy, the USA, Chile and Columbia, and to our international network, our company will continue to  work in the Green economy by supporting international companies that develop innovative projects in the hydroelectric and emerging battery energy storage markets.

What does the concept “Social” from the ESG criteria represent?

Over the years our group has grown a lot and has decided to use an approach with people at the center of our work life, and not only that, our team searches for and manages businesses that are focused on major social issues.

Our cohesion and our group are two elements that distinguish us and create added value, starting in 2021 we have:

  • united various teams and shared responsibilities
  • given up on old office-based work models and promoted remote working to give space to people’s personal needs and guarantee everyone’s wellbeing
  • promoted inclusivity and gender equality

Everytime that we decide to invest in a sector we analyze its social impact to protect and promote collective wellbeing.

La sfera Sociale degli ESG di Redelfi
Governance e trasparenza della comunicazione tra gli ESG di Redelfi

Governance: What do we do to improve our processes?

The last criteria of ESG is ‘governance’ responsibility for companies. This regards respecting meritocracy, diversity policies for the board members and fighting every form of corruption and wage disparities.

Every choice we make is guided by common sense and respect for people and our activities are communicated in a clear, simple and timely manner, not only to our investors but to anyone that decides to work closely with our company.

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