MarTech as Marketing and Technology

Come il marketing e la tecnologia innovano il MarTech

At the beginning of 2021 Redelfi acquired majority shares in Enginius, a company that deals with IT development, and created a Business Unit dedicated entirely to the development of innovative technologies mainly related to the marketing and advertising fields: MarTech.

One of Redelfi’s strengths is anticipating and following mega market trends and with MarTech it has entered a sector that is undergoing a major transformation, not only in terms of innovation but also technology and organization.

I vantaggi del MarTech, dall'AI ai Big Data e AR

What are the advantages of MarTech?

Marketing and technology are always advancing, together they can help people who work in this sector to anticipate market trends and analyze them more precisely. Among the various applications of MarTech there are:

  • Artificial intelligence that will increasingly help marketers understand user habits,
  • Automation systems and the development of backend solutions that will allow omnichannel integration and increasingly detailed and complete data collection which is useful for segmenting and customizing advertising campaigns,
  • Augmented and virtual reality that will allow media agencies to make increasingly immersive and effective video campaigns,
  • Tools for collecting and reading big data that will support marketers, analysts and web designers to create innovative CRO / UX solutions, anticipate users’ constantly changing needs and create increasingly optimized web marketing flows for generating leads.

Inside this Business Unit Redelfi is actively working to bring managerial and digital skills to its subsidiary Enginius which will create and position the Jarions and Adest products on the mass market and develop innovative IT solutions for customers and other Group companies.

MarTech will be a shared resource for all three Business Units to bring innovation to all the management company’s Groups. For example, Enginius’s presence in GreenTech is fundamental for the revolutionary development of traditional sectors such as reforestation.

Adest: Dynamic virtual product placement for innovative advertising campaigns

Enginius is developing a game changing product that will revolutionize the world of web advertising: Adest. It was conceived of in 2021, when Redelfi decided to invest in the company and support its growth from the prototyping phase to the final release. This product, initially called Lumiere because it revolutionizes the world of video content, is under development and today is called Adest. It will use a proprietary platform for the dynamic positioning of brands and products within standard and on-demand videos thanks to elements of augmented reality and “deep fake” technology. Advertising content will be personalized based on the interests of the users, on their geographical location and over time. The market launch is expected by the end of 2023.

Adest è il disruptive virtual product placement per l'advertising
Jarions è la soluzione SaaS per unire tutte le comunicazioni

Jarions: The first SaaS solution for omnichannel communication support

Jarions will work as an SaaS (Software as a Service) to aggregate, categorize and organize content from various social media channels and different formats. It will make them easily usable through a single platform with advanced search and organization features. During Redelfi’s equity crowdfunding campaign the product was launched under the name of Bridget and in the fall of 2021 it was renamed Jarions. The market launch is expected by the end of 2022.

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