GreenTech is created from the combination of Green and Technology

Il GreenTech e l'AgriTech di Redelfi

The Redelfi Group pursues ESG criteria and makes technological innovations in its Green and MarTech business units. In 2021 Redelfi was able to put together a combination of various skill sets that work together and create new important solutions. Following market trends, Redelfi has decided to work with several companies that operate in both AgriTech and reforestation and combining innovation with elements of the blockchain has coined a new term: GreenTech.

Thanks to the consolidated experience of Redelfi’s management and the innovations in the field of technology by Enginius, the companies operating in the GreenTech Business Unit will develop businesses that are particularly sensitive to the community and aimed at reducing CO2 emissions to contribute to the fight against climate change.

Con il GreenTech Redelfi riforesterà il pianeta con criptovalute

Using cryptocurrency and the blockchain to reforest the planet

Starting at the end of 2021, Redelfi, through its subsidiary Green Earth, has entered the new business of environmental reforestation. In addition to researching geographic areas around the world and planting trees, Redelfi will work with other emerging companies in the sector by harnessing the innovation of cryptocurrencies. In this way, operators, who want to support the environment and carry out sustainability projects according to ESG criteria, will be able to guarantee their work thanks to the unique certification of virtual tokens. With this project we will continue our philosophy of taking over companies that pursue ESG criteria and bringing them innovations in order to actively grow their businesses, and the teams in the entire group, and to create synergy between the companies.

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