Renewable energy and technological innovation

BESS battery storage park e idroelettrico

Since 2008 Redelfi has been operating in the renewable energy sector, especially in photovoltaics, wind and hydroelectricity. Our managers have been pioneers in this industry in Italy and abroad where they have analyzed the markets, studied the needs, advantages and problems of power plants, and overcome relevant technical regulatory difficulties in Italy, the United States, Chile and Colombia. In the first half of 2021 Redelfi undertook its withdrawal from Renergetica S.p.A. and decided to focus on mini-hydro and battery storage parks both in Italy and abroad. Our team has many diversified skills and is able to evaluate a wide variety of scenarios and bring innovation in the field of renewable energy in compliance with ESG criteria.

I Battery storage energy park accumulano l’energia prodotta nei momenti di picco

Battery storage parks for dispatching energy and stabilizing the unpredictability of green energy production

Photovoltaics and wind power are quintessential renewable energy technologies and, due to their unpredictable production, they suffer from the problem of consistently supplying energy to the electricity transmission and distribution grid. While prior to 2010 the energy mix of electricity production in Italy deriving from renewables was made up of 15% hydroelectric and 5% photovoltaic and wind power, in 2021 the market underwent a significant change. The impact of clean energy from photovoltaic and wind power, which has significantly increased, reached parity in the Italian energy mix and is now equal to that of hydroelectric.

To overcome the problem of the unpredictability of solar or wind power sources and safeguard the security of the energy grid (for example when clouds suddenly cover photovoltaic panels), innovative solutions such as battery storage parks are needed. Since 2022, Redelfi, thanks to its know-how in the green energy industry and its ability to follow important market trends, has been working in this innovative market. The first project will be in Florida and will be run through the subsidiary SR26 LLC which is controlled by Redelfi Corp. The project will focus on the creation of batteries capable of storing energy produced at times of peak production and feeding it into the grid when necessary. Sustainability and Green are the words that will define this sector and facilitate the construction of an increasing number of photovoltaic and wind power plants, greater production of clean energy and consequently a more impactful reduction of CO2.

Mini-hydroelectric power plants and alternative sustainable energy in Italy

In 2019 Redelfi acquired the company RH Hydro which owns a mini-hydroelectric power plant in Piedmont and, after its withdrawal from Renergetica in April 2021, controls it at 100%.

This mini-hydroelectric power plant is in Pomaro Monferrato, in the province of Alessandria, and uses a combination of the Grana river and the Lanza canal overflow to produce energy. The plant uses running river water, takes advantage of a 2.63 meter-tall rapid and uses a Kapland turbine.

The daily activities and maintenance of the power plant reduce negative environmental impacts and ensure a constant flow of energy production. The company complies with ESG criteria from an environmental and social point of view because the plant produces clean energy and at the same time the community and the surrounding environment are protected as the river banks remain clean.

The company is looking for new power plants to extend the pipeline in Italy and abroad.

RH Hydro è un impianto mini idroelettrico in Piemonte

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