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BU MarTech - Innovation in the future of IT and Marketing

The MarTech BU will support the Green BU.

In 2021, Redelfi acquired a majority stake in Enginius, an IT development company, and created the business unit dedicated to innovative integrated technologies mainly in marketing and advertising: MarTech.

MarTech’s various applications include:

Artificial intelligence will increasingly help marketers understand user habits,

Automation systems and the development of backend solutions will enable omnichannel integration and the increasingly detailed and comprehensive collection of data useful for segmenting and customising advertising campaigns,

Augmented and virtual reality will enable media agencies to make video campaigns increasingly immersive and high-performance,

The tools for collecting and reading big data will support marketers, analysts and web designers to create innovative CRO/UX solutions, anticipate the changing needs of users and create web marketing flows that are increasingly optimised for lead generation.

MarTech will be a resource across all business units to bring innovation within the Group.